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Achieving The (Im)Possible

It is a known fact that anything can be achieved by an individual if he/she is determined to do so. Ketul, like all our operated bariatric patients, decided to take charge of his body by opting for bariatric surgery in 2013 as conservative measures failed to reduce his weight from 136 kgs.

Two years later and after losing 67 kgs, he not only reached his ideal weight but chose to become physically fit through regular running. He successfully participated in Mumbai Marathon in 2015, Amsterdam Marathon in 2015 and then again in Mumbai Marathon in 2016. Two days earlier he cycled 100 kms from Mumbai to Khopoli to enhance his level of fitness.

It is a known fact that exercise after weight loss is likely to help in many ways like –

  • It enhances possibility of achieving target weight
  • Helps in maintaining the weight-loss for years and decades
  • Improve metabolic outcomes of weight-loss
  • Improvement in diseases like diabetes, PCOD etc is much better

Emulating Ketul many other members of our bariatric group ‘Goal keepers’ have participated in runs, marathons & other events in different parts of the world. They have achieved the (im)possible by their determination and physical fitness. Ketul is a role model not only for his family but also for thousands of obese who feel helpless due to their physical limitation.

We are proud to be a part of Ketul’s life journey and stand by our motto ‘Helping you become you’.
Dr Ramen Goel & entire CMS team

If you wish to send any message to Ketul , kindly email us on – [javascript protected email address]

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