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The 1st Indian
Bariatric Surgeon of Excellence
Dr. Ramen Goel MS, FRCS, FMBS, IFASMBS Director, Center of Excellence in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

A pioneer in laparoscopy surgery in India, Dr Goel was instrumental in training surgeons in laparoscopy across India. He was associated with the Grant Medical College, Mumbai as Honorary Professor of Surgery from 1994-2010 performing advanced laparoscopic surgeries on thousands of patients.

He is the first bariatric surgeon of Mumbai and second in India as he started bariatric surgeries in 2001. He helped start Obesity Surgery Society of India as a founder member, which is affiliated with the IFSO. From 2011, he is exclusively practicing bariatric surgeries and has been accredited as 1st Master Bariatric Surgeon in India and he heads the Center of Bariatric Excellence.

He is an invited faculty at most major international and national bariatric surgery conferences and has published extensively in various peer-reviewed journals and books.

He is the Past President of All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity(AIAARO),(2007-2009), and also Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endo Surgeons(IAGES)(2020-2021) and was governing board member of IASO, IFSES & ELSA.

Currently, he is the Founder Editor of Journal of Bariatric Surgery, Associate Editor of Journal of Minimal Access Surgery, Editorial Board member of Indian Journal of Surgery. He is member of specialist board of National Board of Examinations and member of Bariatric and Ethics committees of the Society of American Gastro Endoscopic Surgeons(SAGES). He is the Scientific Committee Chairman of the World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery to be held in Kolkata in 2024.

Dr Goel is a family man rooted in values inherited from his mother. He is focused on safe outcomes and long-term support of his bariatric patients. He is recognized for his clear thinking and surgical skills and thus receives referrals from other bariatric surgeons across the globe for their difficult/revisional patients. He remains accessible to all patients despite his busy practice.

Dr. Ramen Goel, Center for Metabolic Surgery, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Center for Metabolic Surgery(CMS) Team

Center for Metabolic Surgery(CMS)

Center for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery is first bariatric program in Mumbai offering bariatric and metabolic surgeries for over 2 decades. CMS is a dedicated bariatric surgery programme offering personalised care based on the pillars of:

  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Safety

Over the course of years, CMS has developed a nurturing support system to help patients achieve significant weight-loss in a healthy way.

Functioning in a Joint Commission Internationale(JCI) and NABH accredited hospital, utmost care is given to maintain quality standards to ensure a relaxed and satisfying bariatric experience for every patient. It is equipped to execute all standard bariatric and metabolic procedures including Gastric Sleeve, Mini Gastric Bypass(MGB), Roux-n-y Gastric Bypass, Gastric balloon, Endoscopic Gastroplasty and Revisional Surgeries. CMS is a referral center for difficult and complicated patients from other bariatric surgeons across the country.

CMS offers specialised facilities for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery, Mini-lap Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic surgeries(even for thin diabetic patients).

A large number of international patients from UK, USA, Africa, Middle-east and down under Australia have been travelling to Mumbai to avail the world class facilities available at CMS.

Why Us?

CMS has been consistent in delivering safe weight loss surgery results for over 20 years. At CMS, all bariatric surgeries are performed by Dr. Ramen Goel, one of the senior most Bariatric surgeon in India.

CMS Results* (At 1 year after surgery)

  • Weight loss: 87.6% – 97.2% of extra weight
  • Medicines discontinued in 80% – 91.7% persons with diabetes
  • Medicines discontinued in 55.2% – 80% persons with high blood pressure
  • Sleep apnoea remission in 90.6% – 100% patients

Major Surgical Complications Within 30 days

  • Leak – 0%
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis – 0 %
  • Re-admissions – 0%
  • Internal Hernias – 0%
  • Deaths – 0

Major Surgical Complications Long term

  • Incisional Hernia – 0.6%
  • Gall stones – 1.9%

The factors contributing to the same are listed below:

  • Reliable & experienced surgical team working with Dr. Goel for over 2 decades.
  • Surgical technique modifications to provide additional safety and to avoid surgical complications.
  • Highly trained and competent team including nutritionist, counsellor, bariatric physician, anesthetists and associate surgeons.
  • Protocols based patient care of patients for safe outcomes.

Quality & Accreditation

Center of Excellence Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Dr Ramen Goel was accredited in 2014 as the 1st Indian Master Surgeon in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery(SOEMB) by Surgical Review Corporation, USA, well known for quality certification of bariatric programs. This outcome based accreditation considers surgical volume, safe outcomes, low mortality rates in the hands of an individual surgeon.

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central is a Center of Excellence (COE) of Bariatric & Metabolic surgery accredited by Obesity Surgery Society of India, the national association of bariatric surgeons.

COE accreditation for bariatric surgery is an outcome of an audit to assess standard of care pursued by a bariatric program. This certification puts a seal on safety and quality processes followed by an institution, in line with international standards and ensures that patient is assured highest possible bariatric care equivalent to the best in any part of the world. This verifies that systems (SOPs) are in place for pre-op evaluation, hospital preparedness, surgical checklists and follow up protocols.

Very few bariatric centers across the world qualify to meet stringent selection criterion for COE status. This is the end result of combination of hospital’s commitment and association of an experienced bariatric team led by Dr Ramen Goel.

*Individual results may vary.
*Nasta, A.M., Goel, R., Dharia, S. et al.
Weight Loss and Comorbidity Resolution 3 Years after Bariatric Surgery – An Indian Perspective.
Obes Surg(2018) 28:2712-2719.

Dr. Ramen Goel
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

    Wockhardt Hospital 2, Red Cross Street,
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    Nair Hospital ,Doctor, Agripada,

    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

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