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  • Bhushan K Before
    Bhushan K After
    Bhushan K

    When I consulted my doctor for sleep apnea, he informed me about bariatric surgery. What started out as a journey to cure sleep apnea, ultimately helped me fight the root cause, ie my obesity. I successfully lost 60 kgs after the surgery. I now feel healthy and able to do things which I could only dream!

  • Harvinder K Before
    Harvinder K After
    Harvinder K

    For an obese person, losing even a kilo of weight means a lot, so imagine what weight loss 38kgs in just 7 months means to me. Apart from my family, the CMS team has been my biggest support. My mantra for healthy life is- exercise, yoga and walks. At 66 years of age, I feel like I have moved 25 years back into my life and I have never been happier! Thank you Dr. Goel.

  • Ronald B Before
    Ronald B After
    Ronald B

    The biggest challenge in my life was my obesity. I had tried various methods for weight loss but nothing worked. The associated risks with obesity and dwindling self-esteem pushed me to opt for bariatric surgery. I am now a healthier version of myself with proportionate BMI. Thanks to Dr. Ramen Goel, my journey towards good health was comfortable, safe and a smooth sail.

  • Deepa C Before
    Deepa C After
    Deepa C
    Before: 87 Kg | After: 57 Kg

    Ever since childhood, I was overweight. I had tried many weight loss diets, workouts for years and nothing seemed to work for me. I was frustrated with yo-yo dieting and was waiting for a miracle to happen. And when I met Dr Goel, I knew life has given me a second chance. I lost over 30 kgs after undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2012 and am maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I feel physically and mentally happy and at ease. Best decision of my life!

  • Indu G Before
    Indu G After
    Indu G
    Before: 129 Kg | After: 95 Kg

    I was suffering from asthma, was on heavy steroid intake, had diabetes, and most importantly could not spend time with my 13 years old son. My life was a complete mess! Thankfully, I met Dr. Goel and decided to undergo bariatric surgery. My life has taken a 360 degree turn! I threw a bucket full of medicines out and started living healthy life!

  • Shibani S Before
    Shibani S After
    Shibani S
    Before: 97 Kg | After: 73 Kg

    Everyone wants more in life. And there are few like me who wish for less- less weight, less illness, fewer problems. I was on medication for BP, diabetes, and cholesterol. Thanks to my very supportive husband who pushed me in the right direction. Bariatric surgery has given me a new lease of life. New energy, new zest and new happiness! All thanks to my husband and Dr. Goel for giving me a disease free life!

  • Siddhesh B Before
    Siddhesh B After
    Siddhesh B
    Before: 193 Kg | After: 88 Kg

    I had severe lymphadenitis which used to cause liquid seepage through my lower limbs. I followed up with several doctors but nothing helped. I decided to undergo Bariatric surgery in 2012. I was surprised, within a month my water seepage stopped and that was the beginning of my healthier life. My daughter and wife are also very happy with the new me.

  • Santosh G Before
    Santosh G After
    Santosh G
    Before: 108 Kg | After: 79.5 Kg

    After surgery at (age) my confidence level increased, became more active, and my blood sugar level became normal. I really feel good about my life! I could even complete Char-Dham yatra with my family. I can climb stairs easily, walk effortlessly and enjoy swimming regularly. I am happy that I took the decision to go for the surgery. My family was always there to support. I can’t imagine that once upon a time I was depressed and bedridden.

  • V Rao Before
    V Rao After
    V Rao
    Before: 107 Kg | After: 77 Kg

    My weight before surgery was 107kgs with diabetes, hypertension,high cholesterol and triglycerides 10 times higher than normal.Within a year, I lost 30kgs which was something I had never imagined! My entire wardrobe had to be changed! Today, I am fit and fine and away from all medications. Thanks a ton to Dr. Ramen Goel.

  • Debra W Before
    Debra W After
    Debra W
    Before: 82 Kg | After: 64 Kg

    Bariatric surgery has changed my life for the better. I feel confidant and attractive. I always said that I wasted my 30s being fat, miserable and “absent” (hide from the world). I turn 40 next February , really looking forward to be slim and happy.

  • Ketul S Before
    Ketul S After
    Ketul S
    Before: 127 Kg | After: 67 Kg

    I underwent Gastric Bypass in 2013 at 127kgs and now I am 67kgs. I was suffering from acidity, thyroid, snoring- always dependent on my CPAP machine. Now I don’t get tired easily, in addition, I recently ran a marathon! My weight loss journey has been phenomenal and has made me healthier physically and mentally.

  • Bilquis S Before
    Bilquis S After
    Bilquis S
    Before: 130 Kg | After: 80 Kg

    My weight was the biggest hurdle in my life. I suffered from many diseases like diabetes, high Blood pressure, hernia etc. I could not stand or sit without my husband’s support. After surgery, I feel healthy and free of diseases. Thank you Dr. Ramen Goel for giving me a new lease of life.

  • Naomi Before
    Naomi After
    Before: 105 Kg | After: 65 Kg

    Bariatric surgery was the perfect way for me to commit to my personal goal of losing weight and choosing a healthy lifestyle. I had almost given up on myself and did nothing to change the situation. I am thankful for taking the step in the right direction and meeting Dr. Ramen Goel. He has been a patient listener and satisfactorily answered all my queries related to the surgery. Now when I get compliments all I do is thank my doctor for everything good in my life.

  • Satwant K Before
    Satwant K After
    Satwant K
    Before: 109 Kg | After: 69 Kg

    I think undergoing Bariatric surgery has by far been the best decision of my life. My body has been re-introduced to its healthier glory. I am immensely thankful to Dr. Ramen Goel and this team for giving me undivided attention and providing utmost care in my quick recovery. Today, I am fit and have successfully avoided unnecessary medications. I am a much happier person today.

  • John K Before
    John K After
    John K
    Before: 155 Kg | After: 103 Kg

    The main problem I faced with my obesity included sleep apnea and I faced difficulty exercising, even walking. I weighed 155kgs before Bariatric Surgery and within six months I was able to lose 52kgs. My sleep apnea is gone and I can exercise regularly. Life is good!

  • Parveen P Before
    Parveen P After
    Parveen P
    Before: 115 Kg | After: 80 Kg

    Joint pain was amongst the many things I suffered from with obesity. I weighed 115 Kgs before I underwent Bariatric Surgery and today, I am at 80 Kgs. Bariatric surgery has made me feel better. I cannot express in words what this surgery has done for me. I’ll just say this- I am a much happier person today. Thank you Dr. Ramen Goel!

  • Rohit M Before
    Rohit M After
    Rohit M
    Before: 152 Kg | After: 94 Kg

    Dr. Ramen Goel has helped me become the person I always wanted to be. Bariatric surgery has proved to be a God’s blessing in disguise. I am happier, more confident and willing to do much more in life. I love the new me! Once again, I’d like to thank the entire team at CMS for helping me achieve my healthy goal.

  • Vidya R Before
    Vidya R After
    Vidya R
    Before: 140 Kg | After: 106.5 Kg

    I underwent Bariatric surgery in 2016 and my life has taken a U-turn. I suffered from joint pain which made simple activity like walking a difficult task. Now I go for walks and go to the gym as well! Following the doctor’s advice has never felt this good! Thank you Dr. Goel.

  • Mayur T Before
    Mayur T After
    Mayur T
    Before: 162.2 Kg | After: 88.25 Kg

    Bariatric surgery was the best decision of my life! Everybody around was suggesting diets and exercise routines for weight loss but they didn’t know that I had tried it all. i also struggled with making connections and friends. Surgery successfully improved my mood, energy levels, concentration, and the list goes on. I have control over my food cravings now. Thank you Dr. Goel and team.

  • Harsha s Before
    Harsha s After
    Harsha s
    Before: 87 Kg | After: 59 Kg

    Obesity had overshadowed my life and my happiness. I underwent Bariatric surgery with Dr. Ramen Goel in May 2011. I was depressed and suffering from many conditions like, sleep apnea, hyper acidity, high blood pressure, and hiatus hernia. Well doctor was right when he told me I’ll be able to live my life after the surgery!

  • Neha K Before
    Neha K After
    Neha K

    My life has completely changed for better. I look healthy and feel confident. All the problems that I suffered with have vanished. A lot has to do with the healthy lifestyle that I have adopted after the surgery. Not only have I lost weight, I have gained a new life; a healthy life.

  • Mr. Milind M Before
    Mr. Milind M After
    Mr. Milind M
    Before: 140 Kg | After: 105 Kg

    My weight before the surgery was 140kgs and now I am at 105kgs. Before surgery, I could barely climb one flight of stairs and now I can easily climb 5-6 flight of stairs. Thanks to Dr. Goel, my depression is gone and I go for walks, gym and even play basketball regularly.

  • Mr.Arsh Before
    Mr.Arsh After
    Before: 158Kg | After: 75 Kg

    Being obese since young age, even attending college felt weird. I faced challenges making friends or communicating with people. Looking at the outcomes of my father and sister’s Bariatric surgery, I was convinced that this was the right way to go. I lost about 80kgs after surgery and maintaining it with proper diet and regular exercise. I have been selected in my university’s cricket team. It feels good to be a part of a group!

  • Mr. Ramesh T Before
    Mr. Ramesh T After
    Mr. Ramesh T
    Before: 159 Kgs | After: 85 Kgs

    Before surgery I was 159kgs with diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea and pulmonary embolism episode. I underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy in Feb 2017 and lost75kgs! My quality of life has improved tremendously.

  • Mr. Vishal V Before
    Mr. Vishal V After
    Mr. Vishal V
    Before: 121.7 Kgs | After: 83 Kgs

    I feel proud of myself for taking a right decision of Bariatric Surgery. Entire CMS team is fantastic and helpful. They gave me new life and a new look! Highly recommend Dr. Ramen Goel.

  • Rashmi S Before
    Rashmi S After
    Rashmi S
    Before: 136.5 Kgs | After: 81 Kgs

    I was motivated to see the numbers go down on the weighing scale post-surgery. Small things like not requiring the extender for a seat belt in an aircraft, being able to run on a treadmill, sit with legs crossed, shopping from regular stores and many more things are keeping me on track. I have begun to enjoy and celebrate all these things which non bariatric person takes for granted. It makes me feel good from inside and pump up the positive feelings.

  • Pervez R Before
    Pervez R After
    Pervez R
    Before: 123 Kgs | AAfter: 76.8 Kgs

    For a very long time I have been living with a lot of health related complications. My increasing weight was pulling me down physically and emotionally. Bariatric surgery gave me confidence, improved performance at work, and I feel young and active. I could notice changed perception of others towards me when I got back in shape. This was possible because of our super hero and always smiling Dr. Ramen Goel and his super supportive team.

  • Pranjali W Before
    Pranjali W After
    Pranjali W
    Before: 92 Kgs | After: 62 Kgs

    My life changed after I underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy. I lost over 30kgs and completely off medications for diabetes & high blood pressure. Bariatric surgery gave me confidence and courage to follow my passion for swimming.

  • Shaukat Ali S Before
    Shaukat Ali S After
    Shaukat Ali S
    Before: 94.1 Kgs | After: 73 Kgs

    I was frustrated keeping my blood sugar levels under control. I am happy that after surgery my medicines for diabetes have stopped. I feel much younger now.

  • Hemant K Before
    Hemant K After
    Hemant K
    Before: 148 Kgs | After: 112 Kgs

    I was scared and took a long time to get ready for the surgery. I am just happy that I took this decision. I feel amazing, active and full of life! Thank you Dr. Goel and team for your support.

  • Karan L Before
    Karan L After
    Karan L
    Before: 144.7 Kgs | After: 78 Kgs

    I was suffering from thyroid, reflux-acidity and sleep apnea. I decided to undergo Bariatric surgery to lose weight and improve health. I got what I was looking for after the surgery! My health has improved with regular exercise and maintaining healthy lifestyle.

  • Vineet M Before
    Vineet M After
    Vineet M
    Before: 144 Kg | After: 102 Kg

    My weight was the biggest hurdle in my life. I never imagined I could feel this healthy and alive! Dr. Ramen Goel has given me a brand new identity and I cannot thank him enough for it. This surgery has changed my perspective about life and health in general.

  • Awanish K Before
    Awanish K After
    Awanish K

    Earlier, gym was the last place where I could be found. My weight was the biggest deterrent in my life. It made me lazy and lethargic. This surgery has saved me from myself. I am a totally different personality and much happier too. The dedicated team at CMS and Dr. Ramen Goel’s support helped me a lot in my journey towards good health.

  • Vijaya S

    Bariatric surgery changed my life. I am now alive with health and energy for life! I have found my voice and my confidence, I could not be happier. Thank you Dr. Ramen Goel, you have been a blessing in my life.

  • Tazin

    I had tried every diet, had a personal trainer and multiple gym memberships before I opted for Bariatric surgery. In so many ways my life has changed dramatically. I am healthier, happier and a more confident version of myself. I bounce through the day with energy and I smile and laugh more.

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