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Dr Ramen Goel’s Center of Metabolic Surgery is located in bustling city of Mumbai which is the business capital of India. Mumbai is a 15 million population cosmopolitan city and considered a safe city even for travelers. Except for the office hours, traffic flow is smooth and organized. Everyone can understand and speak English.



Mumbai airport is a modern and busy airport with direct flights from all over the world. The airport is within the city itself with a 30 minutes commute from the hospital. Airport transfer(s) can be arranged from hospital.


All foreigners are required to get a visa for travel to India. This can be applied online through or through Indian consulate in your country.


Mumbai has an array of hotels for every budget. A list of hotels near the hospital can be shared on request, which can be booked directly by you( or similar aggregators) or our team can help you with the booking.

Simplified steps to plan bariatric surgery

  1. Online consultation can be scheduled with Dr Ramen Goel at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Pre-surgery preparation details will be provided well in advance so you can arrive well prepared.
  3. Pre-surgery tests- can be done in your country or can be done once you arrive within 3-4 hours.
  4. Visa facilitation – a visa invitation letter from the hospital will be sent within 24 hours to facilitate visa issuance once we receive passport copies of the patient & accompanying person(s).
  5. Airport transfer(s) – can be organized by the hospital with contact details of the driver and vehicle shared.
  6. Hospitalization Period – usual hospital stay is for 2-3 days for all bariatric procedures.
  7. Overall Stay – Most of the patient are expected to stay for 3-4 days more in a hotel for a follow up consultation with Dr Goel and counselling sessions with CMS team. Overall stay in Mumbai is expected to be 5-7 days before you can head back home.
  8. Follow up – Contact details of all team members are shared with patients for any enquiry or emergency, if required. Patients are expected to get follow up lab tests done at 6 months, 12 months and then annually. Reports can be e-mailed to CMS team to avoid repeat visits to India.

Dr Ramen Goel has treated patients from different parts of the world including Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Niger, Malawi, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe…), Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Iraq, Mauritius, New Zealand, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, European Union, Qatar, UAE, UK, USA, Yemen etc. Patients travel to him for an ethical, safer and pleasant surgical experience. Please feel free to ask for reference(s) of persons from nearby places for comfort.

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