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The difference in ‘good’ and ‘not the best outcome’ after bariatric surgery is mostly dependent on the post-surgical patient follow up and compliance. We take great pride in sharing that each operated person is managed on a personal basis and have unlimited access to our program resources. This includes communication through an email, whatsapp, video call, in person consultations and participation in regularly held support group meetings.

‘It is assuring to know that my surgeon is just a call away’ – a statement of faith from one of our operated patients exemplifies the impact of team’s availability for the patients. Our core team comprises of a bariatric physician, nutritionist, counsellor and an associate surgeon, who just like Dr Goel, practices only bariatric surgery. This helps spare time for advanced learning, understanding of disease and to discuss patient specific problems in the team meetings to provide unified approach to a problem, if any.

CMS maintains detailed patient data and publishes annonymised outcomes in the surgical journals. Our outcomes are usually better than most published literature mainly because of close and intense follow up of operated patients by our team.

Dr Goel has also pioneered a concept of portion control eating after bariatric surgery, which is the likely cause of low complication rates, better and long term weight loss. Similarly, in a published study he has established that before surgery liquid diet is not necessary in most patients.

Thus post surgery patient follow up at CMS is based on scientific knowledge and detailed analysis of each patient’s specific requirements. Our program is willing to hand hold each of the bariatric person to help achieve best possible outcome(s).

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