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Bariatric Surgery – A Magic Pill

That’s NOT correct. I keep saying that there is no magic in bariatric surgery.

But the fact remains that 85% – 90% patients maintain weight for years after surgery.

Today, let me list the reasons/habits that lead to success of surgery in most patients –

  1. Understanding the mechanism – More than limiting food intake, surgery works through change in hormones and gut bacteria.
  2. Following the instructions – major/minor complications can be avoided by following instructions of our program. Unlike other diseases, any deviation may result in problems.
  3. Changes in food habit – No dieting is required after surgery as you feel full even with a small meal. Only changes required to maintain weight lifelong is avoiding fried items, hidden fats in baked items, full fat milk, alcohol and sweets. But there is no restriction on non-veg, low fat milk, eggs, all types of dals, vegetables, fruits, rice and chapatis.
  4. Exercise – Though they are not necessary to lose weight after surgery, they are important to maintain weight long term. It is good to develop habit to exercise atleast 4-5 times a week and weight regain will not happen.
  5. Regular follow up – Generally everyone tends to dilute the do’s & don’ts of bariatric gradually over months and years. A follow up visit atleast once a year with post surgery test reports & quarterly support group attendance is likely to help you realise where you are going wrong and small changes that can help you lose those extra 1-2 kgs that you may have put on.

These are not major changes but small incremental corrective measures that can help you maintain weight. It may be difficult to lose if you have regained too much but it is easier to maintain or lose 1-2 kgs if you seek help early.

Keep losing, keep maintaining & remain healthy. Magic is not in surgery, magic is in you. Your desire to remain healthy can change your life.

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