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Bariatric Surgery – Blessing For Women’s Health In Obesity

Planning to start a family, but unable to do so because of being overweight?
In order to improve fertility and reproductive outcomes, morbidly obese people can undergo surgery for weight loss, i.e., bariatric surgery. Going through weight loss surgery can increase chances of pregnancy and lessen risks of miscarriage, enhance fertility, and improve hormonal profile.

Obesity is a major cause that augments pregnancy complications. It leaves negative impact on natural fertilization and also increases the possibility of metabolic diseases (diabetes and high blood pressure) in later life. Obesity basically weakens the reproductive system in both men and women. The detrimental effects of obesity raise the likelihood of miscarriage and risk of abnormalities of the baby.

Benefits of bariatric surgery in improving the chances of pregnancy in women –

1) Positive change in fertility post-surgery. Women with fertility problems can start ovulating regularly as well as metabolic and reproductive abnormalities improve.

2) Surgery for weight loss lowers maternal complications including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Losing weight before trying to conceive improves the chances of having a healthy baby and reduces the risk of pregnancy problems.

3) Women who have lost a significant amount of weight after weight loss surgery give birth to babies with lesser cardiovascular risks as compared to siblings born before surgery.

4) It’s not only women but in men also being overweight can cause the problems of reduced semen volume and sperm count. However, undergoing bariatric surgery can improve these parameters

It is important for obese couples to determine a plan for weight management as part of an infertility evaluation and treatment planning. The healthier the parents, the better will be the possibilities of having a healthy child.

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