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How To Choose A Bariatric Surgeon?

To do or not to do, that is the question that everybody asks themselves when thinking about going under the knife. Once you have decided to opt for Bariatric Surgery, choosing a Bariatric surgeon can be a crucial factor for successful weight loss in your journey towards good health.

Weight loss surgery is not a new technique since it is practiced worldwide for over 60 years. The winds of time have favorably changed directions for the surgery. Many of us already know someone who has had Bariatric surgery.

It is definitely not a cosmetic procedure. To start, bariatric surgery isn’t performed by plastic/cosmetic surgeons. Today there is a slew of bariatric surgeons, options for procedures to choose from and other additional services assisting the surgery.

There are a plenty of factors to keep in mind before you finalize a surgeon, Here is a list of things you should ask your surgeon before making final decision.

Doctor’s Credentials

Is your surgeon qualified? Ask for your doctor’s credentials. One should know if your bariatric surgeon is well trained and accredited by international / national rating agencies. The most well known rating agency worldwide is ‘Surgical Review Corporation, USA.’

It is also important to know if the surgeon will be operating himself or a team member or associate surgeon will be operating you.

Numbers Matter

A doctor’s credibility lies in his/her experience. When it comes to a bariatric surgeon’s expertise, it’s important to see whether surgeon is doing atleast 100 bariatric surgeries/year.

Is he a complete bariatric surgeon?

Within Bariatric surgery, there are a number of procedures that one can undergo. It is also important to know how many types of procedures the surgeon can perform. A surgeon performing various types of bariatric surgery can objectively suggest the best possible procedure & individual bias can be avoided.

Support Team

After the surgery, different patients have different needs. The actual weight loss surgery is just the first part of your journey. Post op care is an important part of the overall journey. It is important that the facility that you have chosen is equipped with ample amenities for patients. Knowing the support staff team in advance helps smoothen post op recovery.


Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact whether or not you can trust your doctor. Bariatric surgery may be a simple procedure but it still requires experienced surgeons to perform it. After having met all the criteria, you need to listen to your instincts and go by your gut feeling before choosing your doctor.

Choosing the right bariatric surgeon may seem unnerving, but it doesn’t have to be. It is crucial to select a surgeon who understands your concerns, is able to answer your queries and can put you at complete ease. Asking the right questions and knowing what to look for in a bariatric program can help you cruise ahead in weight loss journey.

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