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    Dr. Ramen Goel has been Godsent to my husband, Rattan Elavia, in the sense that he had reached a stage where: 1. His weight was 133 kgs. 2. Had uncontrolled diabetes. 3. Had trouble climbing, walking, had breathlessness. 4. Heavy snoring in his sleep. 5. Was twice a cancer patient (NHL) and treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Since our consultation with Dr. Goel and his magic team we have been blessed with the best. Rattan went in for Bariatric surgery in Oct. 2015 and since then until today he has lost 59 kgs., is not diabetic anymore ( stopped insulin doses from one 3 of the operation)has no breathlessness , does not feel hunger pangs any more. Life is simply normal and superb. Of course he does not forget his happy chhota pegs occasionally. Cheers to our Dr. Goel's team.

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